i know i haven't been around for a while, sooooo sorry about that. i've had a few things going on in my life that took priority for a bit (and still do).

first of all, my computer at home has been struck by lightning so that kinda limits my computer time at home, lol. so you know the only place i can get on now...work!

also, a few weeks ago joe moved out. some of you already know but this will probably be a shock to some of you. i had held off on posting it on here, i guess by me not posting that made it not seem so real. but as i come to terms with it i'm fine with sharing our story :)

now first of all i want to say that just because he left it doesn't mean we are rushing into a divorce, we are actually doing the opposite. we are taking this time to look at ourselves as individuals. we are still madly and truly in love and have no intentions of even looking at divorce as an option at this point.

i started reading a book that has helped me tremendously. it's called "how to divorce proof your marriage", written by a Christian husband and wife (the rosbergs). awesome book that i would highly recommend to everyone. there is so much insight in this book.

also, i started therapy this morning. i figure i want to take this opportunity to make *me* the best i can be. and in the end i want us to have a better marriage, something more beautiful than we've ever had.

the kids are doing great, i asked them last night how they were doing with it and they both said "good, daddys just gone for a little bit, he'll be back soon"...which is true. and then jade said "daddy can't resist you mama, your more beautiful than a rose". bless her heart! so the kids have really adjusted well to it, almost as if God has given them a peace about it.

also, last week, joey got saved and accept the Lord into his heart. i am amazed more day by day at how many blessings have came out of this. something that should be so HARD and trying has become one of the biggest blessings of my life. it has made me take a step back and look at myself. i've done more soul searching in the last two weeks than i ever have.

i know this is probably hard for some of you to understand. all i can ask is that respect me and trust me enough to know this is what is best for everyone right now. just support us, pray for us and encourage us. and hopefully in the end everyone can look at us and what we have been through and find one encouraging thing in it to put to use in your own life and marriage.

thank you everyone, love ya'all :)