it's all good

oh it's wednesday..hump day..only two more days till the is when we find out who won kids have church tonight which will give me time to scrap..see, it's a good day!!!!
this was the beautiful sky i saw on my way in to work this morning. and you know the photographer in me could NOT pass this up. i pulled my car over along the road, got out and took this pic. in the meantime cars were flying past me, thinking i was nuts no doubt. pretty sure the wind blew my hair onto my cigarette and i burnt my hair. all for this beautiful pic, so worth it!!!!

here are some other nature pics i've taken in the last few weeks. i've been so drawn to nature this last month. i'm amazed at how close you feel to God when your in nature. totally understand now why joe is drawn to it.

here are some pics from a little photo shoot i did with my brother and his super fun family when they were down a few weeks back. serious fun! and the view from the outlook at glendale lake was superb, perfect photoshot place. a place i soooooo want to go to take pics with my family when everything is better. i bet in the fall it would be just gorgeous up there.

well out for now