happy monday my lovelies!!! i hope everyone had a great weekend. ours was full of total fam stuff, hanging out with the kids and joe, canning beets, a cool pep rally and some scrappin :) such fun times!

yesterday i decided i wanted to create BUT i also wanted to be outside enjoying the day. so i packed up some scrappy goodness, packed up some bikes and barbies and took the kids out to my dads farm and drove back in to a clearing spot we have that is just kinda cool. the kids can ride bikes and i dont have to worry about them. i scrapped while we were and let me tell you HOW cool it is to scrap outside!!!! i was toooootally inspired. i worked on the dare 73 layout - do a layout without using any scrap supplies. the only downfall was i think i might have stamped with poison ivy...although no big since my hands didn't break out :)
and i am totally getting so excited for next weekend...our big family camping trip!!! joe is going with us, which excited me more to spend a whole weekend with him. we are going to prince gallitzen state park..two nights in a during the fire cooking..reading..maybe fam time. i can't wait!!! although i still have not "made one" with the bugs, ugh. i will have to make some type of arrangement with them - as long as they arn't on me then i wont kill them.

out for now