monday happies

hello my lovelies! i had a wonderful birthday weekend filled with family and happy times. things are going well in my life. joe isn't home yet but just because we dont live together doesn't mean we can't have fun right? we are all entitled to happy times. i see him almost everyday and we laugh and just have fun. we spent 11 years being WAY too serious, i spent 11 years being too serious. here is a happy pic from this weekend ~

so in other news i have started reading the new harry potter book finally, can't wait to go back to harry potter land tonight! love love love reading harry potter and i am sooooooooooooooooo sad that this is the last book!

joey got his new skateboard that he wanted this past weekend. yes, my son is a skater....well, he wants to be a skater. he took his first spill on it yesterday....road rash with blood. but he got back up and rode it some more.

joey has also started football and he loooooves it!!! he is playing center and can't wait for more practices and his first game (september 9). he loves that he can spend some guy time with his dad at practice and that they can talk it over. it's so cute to watch. and you just KNOW i'll have tons of pics of his here in the future with his football business on ;)

so i really want to go on a little girl vaca this weekend and spend some time with all my chicas, soooo love these girls. hopefully it all works out and i will be going away for the weekend...woot woot. how fun would THAT be! i've never ever been on a girl vaca.

welp, almost time to go home so out for now~kisses

ps ~ computer at home is still not working, waiting on dell to decide to send a technician out to fix my fried mother board.