strength and faith

so today i wanted to touch on my strength and faith. faith is something i always "had" but never really thought of much. i wasn't the person i should have been, on a daily basis nor in my marriage. i realize that now and can admit it. funny how now i can't imagine not having faith and clinging to it for dear life. my faith is something i've always firmly stood beside but never held up before for everyone to see. now i'm standing, holding my faith above my head and showing anyone who will look. i could not have made it through the last month without total faith!

strength, oh my strength, where did it come from...i firmly believe it came from my faith. i use to say to my friend bec that if we were twins i would be the weak little one that clung on for life, she always seemed so much stronger than i did. but through this i've found a strength i never knew i had, one i never could have imagined i would ever see. the strength has allowed me to stay positive through all the trails i have went through in the last month. i has allowed me to see the blessings that came out of this. it has also allowed me to never once imagine that joe isn't coming home to us. others might think this is me living in a fantasy world but i know in my heart he will return to us Y my strength helped me forgive joe and helped me learn forgiving love. i am strong enough now to guard my heart with every bit of power i have.

i feel as if i should share every part of this journey with everyone. i want to share our story and maybe, just maybe, someone can take a part of it and apply it to their life or marriage. that would totally make me happy.

lets have some happy layouts, i haven't posted layouts for quite a while. i hadn't scrapped for nearly a month, insane huh? but this week i felt it again and i scrapped woot woot!!!!