so i seriously think this blog is in need of some color or excitement of some type. i tried this morning to add a background but i am seriously html stupid. and by the time i'm done changing it i'm usually sweating and mad. it's just so blah now that i changed the template. but if you know me you know i can't leave anything alone for long, i always need to change things up.

so, it's canning season again. which means weekends filled with jars, pots on the stove and me making one with my kitchen sink. i will spend countless hours there in the next few weeks. this weekend is beets and then we are on to spaghetti sauce. might be challenging this year as i'm use to joe kinda entertaining the kids for me but i'm always up for a good challenge!

so things on the homefront are going well, very well. it's baby steps in the right direction. patience and perseverance like i told you before, i have more of that than i've ever had before. and at this point i'm actually able to give other people advice and know afterwards that i gave them the right advice. it's amazing that through the amazing help we've had from above so many blessings have come from this. both of my children have been saved in the last 5 weeks. and i find so much comfort in knowing i'm not in this alone, i have someone i can go to at any time of the day who will lend a listening ear and hear my prayers. and wow, prayer is such a powerful thing isn't it? our God is an awesome God!!!

out for now