to my loves.....

Yjoe, joey and jadeY

i will miss you all terribly this weekend but i will be home sunday refreshed and a better person. i will call each night before bed to give you your "air tuck" and "air naunny". i hope you totally loved watching high school musical 2 and sang along to all the songs (and i'm sure daddy was totally inspired to get up and do a big ole' dance). i also saw where it will play again on saturday and sunday, if you want you could tape it (if daddy can find a blank tape) and then mama could watch it with you next week (and i totally want to learn the songs and do a big dance).

Y jade look what i found...and you know what owl this is...and can you see what is in front of it...yep, it is the exact owl from our cool is THAT!!!! i think this weekend if you get a chance you should totally write our story down and finish it for me then read it to me when i get home.
Y joey...i realized once i got to work that all your football stuff (including your playbook) is in my car. sorry about this pookie, if i would have thought about it i would have taken it out. you and daddy could have played some football this weekend then. and you sooooo need to memorize that playbook. enjoy your movie tonight, there is popcorn in the cupboard that you guys can have. maybe daddy can take you down to get some pop and ya'all can have a little party!! can't wait to hear all about your movie.
both kids be good for daddy please, just have fun and enjoy your weekend. and please DO what your DADDY ASKS YOU TO DO!!!! it wont kill you to help out a little bit. and dont spend your weekend with daddy fighting. Y rememeber the toothpaste story!
Y and joe, thank you so much for this weekend. you knew what i needed even though i didn't see it. you are such a sweetheart and such a caring person. and i am totally blessed and lucky to have you as a husband. you have my heart and soul babe and i love you forever. have a great weekend with the kids and enjoy it! i will call later and i promise not to bug ya'all all weekend long, ha ha. i'm going to relax and have fun. love you babe!!!!!