happy friday ya'all

hello all my peoples...very picture heavy post ahead (my fav kind!)

we've had another busy week filled with football and dance. tonight is the homecoming parade (which joey is in) and homecoming game then dance tomorrow morning. so what have i been doing to keep myself sane from all the running? how about this ~
yes, i've been dressing pepper up in his halloween costume just for pure entertainment purposes. this year pepper will be sporting the bumble bee costume, complete with anteneas on the hat. funniest thing EVAH!
and i'm pretty sure whatever "naughty" thing he did right before i took this pic was paybacks for the previous picture.
turns out the guys at work find this WAY more funnier than i do. yes, i bought the shirt at walmart...yes, it's the only store we pretty much have in town...yes, i bought it in the mens section...no, i never envisioned me and ANOTHER GUY wearing them on the same day. and i'm pretty sure he set his on fire when he got home.
i have also started doing the "deck of me" challenge by emily falconbridge....LOVE it!!! she made a pouch for her cards that i totally loved. this is my take on the pouch.

and here are a few of my cards ~
out for now