well here i am, back after a long week away from blogging. i had a week filled with sick kids, sick mommy and a weekend camping trip for the whole family, including daddy!!!

the kids started getting sick the day before school started. it was joey first, with a temp and a chest virus. you know everything gets labeled a virus these days, ugh, so totally irritates me. they went to school wednesday then that evening jade got sick and got a temp. she was home thursday and friday with me. her temp actually hit 104 at one point. of course, hers is also labeled a virus. and friday i woke up and could tell i was starting to get it. and yes, i still have it. the dr is calling in some meds for me though, guess mine isn't a virus? ugh...dr's

and the camping trip...oh what fun we had!!! we went to prince gallitzen state park and had a blast! i have tons of pics but haven't had a chance to upload any yet. we ate too much, talked a ton, joey rode his bike till he got blisters on his hands, jade swam and swang, we went on walks, sat on the dock, took pics and froze to death sleeping in the tent. we had such a good time together as a family and i think we ALL realized that it's what we want. not that there was ever really a question, it just reconfirmed it for us all. joe said it WAY exceeded his expectations of the weekend and he has a great time.

i will post some pics and layouts later today or tomorrow so be on the lookout!
out for now