hey yo ya'all

hey my peoples...long week no talk! i've had yet another week filled with football, homework and rushing. but it's friday...woohoo...and my rushing is over (for a few days at least)

and tonight....DATE NIGHT at the truck pulls. hello...does it get better than that? a hot man beside me, sweet trucks all around me and fair food. that might be too much for me to handle. for those of you that wern't here last year i'm going to post some refresher pics...and to psych myself up more (as if i need it).
oh love me a full size dodge diesel with stacks...oh yes, mama likie!
redneck pride all the way baby

ooohhhh big blower out the hood...perfect!!!!

in other news i found a supa cool challenge blog this week and the girls that have wicked mad talent! it is scrap faith - scrapping your beliefs. such a cool blog!!! the first challenge was scrap your religious roots. here is my take on it ~also the lss over at the effers starts today...woot woot...can't wait to get my scrap on with that one. looooove the inspiration there, always tons of eye candy.

homefront update ~ things are going good, for real. its slow but sure...patience and perseverance are helping us win this race. it has now been two months and let me tell you, honestly, i would not have wanted this any other way. through this trial He has provided blessing after blessing to us. we are both walking side by side toward the same common goal. i am keeping in my mind that it will happen in His time, not my time. boy, patience is hard for me. i am soooo not a patient person, but that is a life lesson i'm taking from this. also, my husband is now my best friend. we seriously talk nearly all day everyday. and it really warms my heart. we have challenges (like people gossiping about us) but i'm not worrying about it or stressing, just giving it all to the Him.

out for now