pics...woo hoo

so the last few days i've promised some new pics here...i uploaded some new ones to my flickr last night so i thought i'd post some here too. my computer at home is sooooo slow that it takes me forEVER to upload to flickr, ugh. i will try to do a few each day.
here is mr. joe on our camping trip last weekend. when i was getting ready to take this i told him to smile and he said i am...on the inside. ha ha..i swear he looks the same in every single pic i ever take.
i am totally in love with this shot of them getting on the bus. i soooooo see a layout coming from this one.
wow was she excited to go or what?!?! isn't she just the sweetest little thing in her dress with leggings and her bag. such a sweetieoh joey on the first day of school, he is always so excited to wear his new clothes. he is soooooooo "mr. gq".

and here is a layout i did last night. i have just felt so much like creating lately. even random stuff at work or in a store just inspires me to create. i wish i could just haul my scrap stuff around with me and scrap on the spot when i'm inspired. and it feels so good to scrap again...and so good to have the desire to scrap again!
out for now