sweet sweet skulls

hello my lovelies!!! you girls have got to check out the october kit at opaat! and look at those seriously yummy skull stamps...me love! and i have decided i am totally in absolute love with the sassafras lass "skully sweet" collection. here are some layouts i did with this kit ~

and in other news joe got the job, thanks for all your prayers! it really was an answer to years of prayers, going back 7 - 8 years i bet. a serious life lesson in the Lord does his will in HIS time, not ours. something i'm still learning day by day. he should start work in 2 - 4 weeks. now it is a full-time temporary position (only lasting till april) BUT it is the only way to get your foot in the door for the state. and Lord willing he will someday get on permanant.

and.....drum roll please... mama got her scrap on this weekend and guess what.....i'm back!!! i can feel the mojo running through my veins as we speak. oh how i have missed the late nights of scrapping into the wee hours of the morning. it soooo sooths my soul for real. and it makes joe happy that i'm back at it. this opaat kit really sparked some serious inspiration in me. here are some other layouts from the weekend.

this week is full of absolute excitement too. friday night is the truck pulls....oh heck yes! big fat date night at the truck pulls and i can't WAIT! oh man, we wait all year for these. some year mama is gonna pull in these...someday before i die i will.
jade starts dance class this saturday which is almost screaming excitement in my house. this girl was born to dance, for real. we just watched a tape the other night of her dancing when she was 2 and holy cow, was she just born with the ability to shake her booty. we died laughing while watching it but geesh, she really could dance even back then.
we are still in the full swing of football season...wish i actually understood the game and what was going on out on the field. it's sad when your 10 year old knows more than you do. i think i might be learning a little, i'm just slow. but they, at least it's a good photo opp every week!
out for now