tanya's wisdom

a few posts back i did a post on breast cancer awareness month. and i mentioned my rockin' friend tanya who is doing battle right now with it (and let me add again, is totally going to whoop it's butt). i had asked tanya to give us some words of wisdom and i wanted to post them here for ya'all to read. thanks girl, love ya ~
Wisdom: I don't care how old you are, get a mammogram! It saved my life, it caught cancer early! At 35, I wasn't suppose to have a mammogram this early, but my Dr. pushed it for no other reason than to have a baseline for which to compare at 40. Just FYI - 80% of breast cancer is not hereditary girls! It doesn't run in my family, yet I have it. I did my breast self-exams every month - never felt a thing! BUT a mammogram found a 3mm cancer!