week full of happies

so i have had a week just packed full of happies...

happy #1 ~ joe moved back home this week!!! i am sooooo super excited about this. wow, my patience and perseverance worked and He restored our marriage. sooooo many prayers answered. of course there is still work ahead but nothing we can't handle. this is a super big happy :)

happy #2 ~ fall is officially here...the leaves are changing...the smell of fall is in the air...corn mazes are open...haunted houses everywhere...pumpkins for sale...i totally looooooooooove fall!!!

happy #3 ~ i totally got to reconnect with a best friend from high school who i haven't spoken to for probably 13 - 14 years. we spent an hour just catching up as much as we could....totally cool

happy #4 ~ i have been scrapping up a storm this week...having joe in the house truly helps my mojo...here is a layout i did this week...i tried out the new 6 x 12 size and loved it. i totally see more layouts this size in my future. this layout can be viewed fully here
and to totally tie in with this layout...october is breast cancer awareness month. this is a subject near and dear to my heart as my mom battled it for quite a few years...and she won the battle! hers spanned about 1981 - 1989 i'll say and since then she has been considered a complete cure!!! also my friend tanya (love ya girl) is battling right now...and she is going to win her battle too!!!! remember to do your self breast exams girls...your never too young. and tanya, maybe you have a few words of wisdom to share in the comments?

out for now