who doesn't love pictures

i have some new ones to share with ya'all...i've been such a bad blogger this week i figured the least i could do is share some fun pics with ya :)

the first one is my fun little eclectic baby girl...she sure has a style ALL her own. it doesn't bother me at all that she doesn't match (bothers her nanny and daddy more than it does me). i think it's cute to let her express herself this way. she is extremely artistic and this is just another way she expresses that. i want to encourage her to be all she can be and that includes artistically. for those of you scrappers...she reminds me sooooo much of elsie (and ya'all know how much i adore her). i could not ask for a better daughter, she is just sooooo much fun.

and i was thinking one thing i dont put many pics of on here is myself...so i had a fun little photo shoot this morning...love the results and can see some of these in future layouts :)

things at home are going great...it is soooooo nice to have my handsome husband home, i can't even tell ya'all how much we all missed him....i think pepper even missed him. we have been spending tons of time just enjoy the fam, hanging out, watching movies and laughing A LOT! that is one thing about our family, never a dull moment. i soooo love my fam.

joey has his last football game this sunday, kinda sad to see it end. they had their first win last sunday, all the boys were soooooo excited. bless their hearts, they have tried so hard this season they deserved that win.

welp, off to work...i promise i will try to blog more often next week :)

out for now