here is some

more of the pics i promised...i can't wait to start scrappin' these!

this man seriously has my heart...i totally love this pic of him. of course he looks the same in this pic as he does in every other pic i've taken for the last 12 years. i dont think it would hurt for him to smile once in a always tells me he is smiling on the inside. guess he has a image to uphold huh...
this pic is the fountain in the middle of town, in a park called "the green". i fell in love with the is winkin, blinkin and nod.
remember i told you about all the cool art there? this is in front of a small restaurant called the "frog hut". obviously the owner can appreciate some cool ass art. all of the art around the restaurant was made out of what others would call junk...misc mufflers, pipes, it!!!! i swear if you moved there you would just ooze artistic much inspiration there. so i'm wondering, when ya'all look at this do you see art or junk?

so those are my pics for today...i would upload more but my computer at home seriously hates pics, blogger and anything that makes it have to work.

so most of you that know me know that i am SO not a card maker. tonight i had some weird desire to start making christmas clue what that was all about. but gosh, i am reminded of just why i dont make cards more...i totally SUCK at it. i can sit and stare at a blank card forever and still not come up with an idea.

welp i'm off to bed

out for now