i'm baaaaaack!!!!!!

hey ya'all....i'm back
i had a big post wrote last night but blogger ate it...i hate when it does that!

i was on a little vaca, if that's what you call it. last thursday i had a horrible gallbladder attack and drove myself to the er (yes, i got in trouble for this) at 1 am. once there they did blood work and found that my gallbladder was so bad it was affecting my liver. i had surgery friday and had my gallbladder removed. so i've been home for nearly a week recovering from this....watching tv, wearing pajamas, hanging out with the poochies, scrapping and starting to drag out my christmas decorations. i'm back to work today...and let me tell you i could sure use my pajamas back on!

in other news the kids got their report cards last thursday...they got such good grades!!! and guess what else, joey made the honor roll! i am so totally proud of both of them.

did anyone else watch the season premier of project runway last night? looooooove this show, for real.

out for now