i'm so bad....

at blogging lately...seems since i got my *new* position i have really slacked off on the blogging. i will have to change that, i promise. seems some of my faithful followers *clearing throat* would like to see some new here, lol.

so here is a totally exciting bit of info...i made the design team at freckle friends!!! it is such a cool site and i can't wait to get started! everyone there is soooo super nice and the kits look totally yummy...check them out!!!!

the kids are getting crazy excited for Christmas, gosh...i'm sure the closer it gets the more stoked they will be. mama needs to get more shopping done, it's really stressing me. i have calendars to finish for the grandmas (ssshhhh, it's a secret) and some other misc presents to finish making. i think we are going this saturday as long as joe doesn't get called out to work.

speaking of joe working, he has sure been working like crazy! he got called out saturday night at midnight, worked 12 hours then home and slept for about 5...spent some time with the kids and i then slept until 11 last night when he got called out again. i'm fairly sure that if they were calling ME out in the middle of the night i would not be as nice nor as excited as he is.

and watch in the next couple weeks for pics of a new hairstyle i'm going to be getting...all i will say is it's the exact opposite of pretty much anything i've ever had! and if you know me, my hair will now match my personality :) so totally psyched for this

how about a little layout lovin'
this is my layout for this weeks challenge at scrapping the music blog...totally love these challenges!!!
out for now ya'all

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