i have this new ::surprise:: haircut that i am rockin' hard these days. kinda wild..kinda punk..super fits my personality i think. right now i am debating whether to get some blue highlights put in it over my holiday vaca....any opinions on this? sorry for the bad pic but i'm currently sitting at my desk, not any real awesome backgrounds here lol.

so tonight i have to START my wrapping...yes...i haven't even started it yet. i have some more shopping to do, i think i will do it saturday night while we are on date night. i have to finish my cleaning for papa alan to come down friday, he will be spending the holidays with us (until wednesday). the kids just loooooove when he comes down and spends time with them. and i also have some projects to finish up for presents...why oh why am i such a procrastinator? so what are ya'all up to these last few days before the holiday?
out for now, better get some work done