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i wanted to post some more art journal lovin today...i am having a great time doing this! emilys first art journal promp can be found here...super rockin! i even busted out some of the deck of me challenges that i didn't finish last year. having total fun just creating for me. i will upload some of my new cards in my dom later this weekend. here is my page for emilys prompt~

i'm also waiting to receive my jan kit from tallyscrapper...can't wait to create with it. as soon as i get it and get working on it i will post some sneakies!!!

in other news...there is a new girl in joeys class that he is totally crushing on. i was also informed to NOT post stuff about him on my blog, lol...because so-and-so's mom reads it...which i think is total bs...anyways, i think kid crushes are so cute! but ssshhh....dont say anything because so-and-so's mom will hear

and jade, my music lovin' child, is totally loving taylor swifts song "our song" right now...she was singing it to me the other night and when it came to the part "and he should have" she sang, at the top of her lungs...."and he shit head"....omg, could have DIED laughing!! how in the world do you not laugh at that? so i explained to her that they were saying should have and NOT shit head. i dont know where she would ever hear that word *snicker*

oh and we added two new family members to our and storm cutler...beautiful blue parakeets. joe decided saturday that he was going to try to make nice with the birds...opened the big door and stuck his hand in...and they wanted NO part of that and storm flew out (well kinda coasted out since their wings are clipped)...and pepper wanted to eat that bird storm was flitting around the room...joe chasing it...pepper chasing the bird trying to eat it...and me chasing pepper...oh yes, quite a scene. so i catch pepper and put him in the kennel and go to help joe catch the bird...storm was sitting on the floor in the corner and i got down and talked to him real nice as i put my hand over to pick him up...YES, i got soon as i picked him up he bit me with his beak of razors...and did NOT have any intention of letting go until he was placed safely back in his cage...and joe was informed to never try to make nice with the birds again!

out for now peoples


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