dont forget!!!!!

the QKD round robin blog party is happening now!!!!!! we are "blog hopping" to each of the Royal Court Members' blogs throughout the month. there's fun and prizes so hurry hurry and get to it. and remember to keep hopping to blogs...and i have planned total fun for my little bloggie . see the full schedule below. each of the Royal Court members has fun things planned for you.

Jan 2: QKD Blog
Jan 3-5: Penny
Jan 7-9: Vicki
Jan 10-12: Nina
Jan 14-16: Tanis
Jan 17-19: Nancy
Jan 21-23: Bev
Jan 24-26: Anam
Jan 28-30: Jules
Jan 31- Feb 2: Pooka
Feb 4-6: Amy

believe do NOT want to miss hurry...go visit ninas blog!!!