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so the weekend was awesome...and much needed might i add! work has just been...grrr...stressful to say the least!

saturday mom and i took jade to altoona for a "girls day out" which included MUCH shopping and some food. let me tell you girls, my mom can WAY out shop me by far! we went non-stop from around 10 till 6 and she still could have shopped more. my feet were killing me by that time and i was just worn out. and she proceeded to give me the "mom lecture" of how i dont wear the correct type of shoes for shopping and she needs to train me some more, lol. she's such a good mama!

the boys had a GREAT time on their day filled with tons of testosterone (sp?)...and little mr. joey is now the proud owner of a 30/30 with a scope. he loves that he is old enough to own his own gun (ALWAYS must be supervised) and his dad just LOVES that his son is old enough (and interested) in hunting. but right now more than hunting joey wants to join the 4-H shooting club. he is crazy excited!

i did a few more pages in my art journal...i am just loving how it's turning out!
the tutor comes tonight for jade. i'm so excited to be able to provide my daughter with the extra help she needs! there was a time when this wouldn't have been an option. but my children are worth it, they are totally worth ANY expense!

welp out for now

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