i just really dispise mondays...for real...they always suck at work, i have no desire to work on new job isn't really shaping up to what i thought it would be...but the positive is monday is almost over...woo hoo!!!

so i'm following an art journal challenge over at tallyscrapper issued by the fab Ho...i made my journal cover and did my first months it is~
this is the journal cover and let me tell you, boy did i get in trouble making this...i couldn't figure out how to get the look i wanted without making a complete mess...i knew i wanted it to look worn out, broke in, used, painted, splattered and inked. the only way i could figure to do it was to to lay it in the bathtub and throw the paint on it, lol...well joe just didn't appreciate that "all is good in the name of art"...i cleaned my mess but i'm sure i'll be watched closer when i head upstairs with paint in hand
and here is my first entry for this months was to pick one word that you want to live your year by...such a cool challenge going on...ya'all HAVE to go over to tallyscrapper and participate in this cool challenge!!!
well ya'all, out for now

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