a new year = a new me

there are so many things i *want* to change this year and i'm really going to strive to meet my goals. i hadn't really put that much thought into it until i read my friend ana's blog...she has so many awesome points. and i think if i blog about it...i feel like it will hold me accountable. i dont want to seem like i'm copying her but some of our points will be the same...must be cause great minds think alike ;)

in the new year i would like to make changes to ~
* me
* my family
* my marriage
* my finances
* my house

me ~
in the new year i want to have more patience, with everyone involved in my life.

i want to get healthier and perhaps get off the dew…although that will be hard (I’m pretty sure they lace it with crack…I might have to go to the clinic to get off it). I actually just joined a contest at work called “biggest loser”…I’m the only girl in it…so I can kick those guys butts! that’s big incentive right there!!!

my family ~
i would really like to spend more time with my kids, just one on one time. get them away from the tv and the ps2…just spend some good quality time together.

i would also like to get my family outside more. maybe make a “date” once a week for nature time…go hiking, hang out at the campsite…sounds like fun to me! i would like to really learn patience with my kids, gosh would I ever. jade is in a testing phase right now and boy does she ever TEST me!!!

my marriage ~
in my marriage I would really like to reconnect with joe…rekindle what we use to have (although i don’t think we are real far off it now.

i would like to have *date night* at least once a month, twice if possible.

i would like us to read the book *how to divorce proof your marriage* together and do the workbook together.

my finances ~
i want this to be the year we get everything straight…our bills, checkbook, savings and just get set.

i would like to start a college fund for the kids.

i would like to be able to buy joe a new vehicle by the end of the year.

my house ~
this is the year for organization in all areas of my life including my house. I want my attic, basement and all closets organized. i want everyone to have specific chores that they do without being asked (that might be pushing it)…i want to stress LESS about what my house looks like.

so there are my goals for the year…to be met…that will be met.

check out anas blog…she is having one prompt a week pertaining to marriages and how to rekindle the romance. this would be a GREAT thing to follow and I plan to follow it for the whole year!!!!

out for now