i am soooo glad today is friday, dont even know how ready i am for the weekend. work has been stressful lately and when the weekends come i am one happy girlie!! and i'm excited because i should have some happy scrappies coming in my mail this weekend. i just love happy mail!

i think joe is taking joey tomorrow to some type of gun show (total boys day) and some type of thing about shooting ranges. sounds like jade and i will have a girls day! i should get thinking of what we could do for our girls day. she has been pretty much begging for one of these days lately, so glad to finally give her one!

so no post is complete without some layout lovins ~
can you tell i'm having a complete love obsession with bright colors lately? bright, fun, wild, wacky colors....and i can't get enough of them.

joey had to write a report for class with the theme "my family is important to me because" and bless his heart, he rocked that report. it was the sweetest thing...and i totally saved it to scrap at some point. he also (bragging here) got a 99 on the report!!!

and miss jade is learning cursive! and let me tell you, can she ever write cursive. i was in shock and told her how proud i was of her, wow...i think maybe because cursive is more "artsy" but wow...this weekend i will scan some of it and post it for you.

i'm out for now ya'all

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