hey my loves

hey all my peoples...i feel like it's been forever since i blogged...i've just been sooo crazy busy (and stressed) between work and home that i feel totally disconnected with everything. trying to force myself back on track now, hopefully that works.

so how was everyones day of love? ours was GREAT...i made joe a book called "have i told you lately" and it was filled with blank pages. it's for us to just write mooshy gooshy love notes back and forth at random, unexpected times. and i gave him the pics and the kids and i took for him. i will have to upload them here later tonight. joe got the kids each a stuffie and a card...and i got a card which made me tear up and a box of chocolate (love it) and a little bear holding flowers and a heart balloon. tomorrow night we are totally having a date night (mom is keeping the kids) and i can't WAIT to connect with this man...the love of my life.

in other news my work has totally decided they needed to block some more sites. so when i try to go to them i pretty much just get a big red ACCESS DENIED...which makes me so mad. so what in the world would make them think that blocking all typepad pages (which includes elsies blog and kristina contes blog) would make me work better and more efficiently? honestly, it just makes me sit there and waste time refreshing the page over and over until it comes up lol. and they totally blocked scrapbook.com which makes me even more mad. thankfully i found a loop hole to still "kinda" get on these sites. although somtimes all the options arn't there for me. darn work anyways.

jade's tutoring is going GREAT! the tutor told me last night she can already see such improvement in jade. and her teacher can too, which rocks. i've noticed already her grades are improving some. i think what makes the difference is the confidence she has in herself now. i just feel so bad...listen to this guys...when she wasn't doing good in class the kids always called her STUPID or DUMB then last week she did really well on a test and the kids told her she must be cheating because they know she isn't that smart. the poor girl can't win for losing. i just hate how mean other kids are, for real...they are forever calling her stupid and fat. do these kids parents not teach them better than this? i sure hope my kids know better than to hurt other kids feelings so badly.

so project runway rocked this week...i just loooooooove christian! every single thing about him, right now to his FIERCE hair! i sooo hope he wins. next week should be a good one.

we joined netflix and i'm totally loving that i can get movies and not have to run a kabillion miles to the nearest movie rental store. we currently have "house on haunted hill 2" and "the l word season 2". love it! totally makes me happy.

nope...i didn't take this pic...but when i saw it it made me sigh...i see lots of love when i look at it

so watch later ya'all for our v-day pics

out for now