it's me again

and the bloggin' bug must have bit me...i haven't blogged this much for in like ever! can you even believe it?!?!

random happenings in my life:

~ we got a new 4-wheeler (which totally rocks) and joey paid for 25% of it himself!!! yes, he has been saving his money forever, geesh, to buy himself a 4-wheeler. and now he is just happy as can be. i'm totally excited because now the whole family can go riding! joe and jade can go on one and joey and i on the other...what a fun summer it will be!

~ joey also picked up his 30/30 from the gun store. man, is that a heavy gun. there is no way i could hunt with it. and while joe had him there he decided to buy a new gun too. a little 22 pistol, very cool gun. it will eventually be mine when he gets the other pistol he wants.

~ jade is just rockin' the grades at school...i am so pleased with how much she is improving. i am SO proud of her!!!!

~ jade has also been creating some awesome art...which i took pictures of and will post on here possibly tonight. i can't get over her art sometimes. i told joe if i had a frame to fit 12 x 12 i would actually frame some of her art and display it.

here are some new entries in my art journal~
welp out for now, if i think of more i will be back :)

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