~good morning starshine~

totally had forgotten how much i LOVE this line from willy wonka...cracks me up everytime!

we had a totally awesome weekend. friday night was grocery night, which i actually enjoy. and my mom kept the kids...which ROCKED...normally they just get bored and then naughty while we are in there. saturday we cleaned and then the fab miss jen came up and we finished her photo shoot and copied them to disk. we had a nice little vis vis and had dinner...then we scrapped a bit. such fun! and yesterday we spent a lot of time outside...posted my dads land...walked back in to the campsite...and just hung out. it felt SO good to actually be outside in the fresh air!
tonight is tutor night which means RUSH RUSH...but it's also a chance for me to get caught up on some projects while she is there. and i seriously need to just sit down and get some shit done.
and since no post is complete without a pic, i leave you with this...
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welp, out for now