hey hey hey

how are ya'all?? my life has been going fairly well...i've had some major creating time lately along with some rockin' photography time!

this winter has just about killed me, i have such a HARD time taking pics in the winter. i like to use natural light and i like to take pics outside...when there is a constant state of snow outside it makes picture taking hard...but hey, two days ago we had a day where it was 60+ degrees out.

here are some of the pics from that day (if you click on any of the below pics or layouts it shoudl bring them up in a bigger size for easier viewing)~

ok so i'm SO in love with these bright orange rain boots a girl at work gave me...actually i could be very obsessed with these boots...
i am in LOVE with this pic of joey...absolute love...he looks like such a young man...and the lighting was just PERFECT...spring is on it's way!!!! woot woot...i can't wait for spring...i am WORN OUT with snow, for real...

and how about some new art journal pages that i am in ABSOLUTE love with!!!!

this page is basically how i've felt most days lately...thoughts, all running together...crazy long days...

out for now


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