monday...monday's a monday...although it hasn't been a bad one at all! i'm still recovering from my weekend though...tired as heck!

this past weekend i went and met up with my fav girls...angela, michelle, cathy, laurie, shelly and linda...and we had a BLAST! we laughed so much, seriously...we staid up WAY too late talking and laughing...and even after we went to bed at 3 am angela and i staid up talking and laughing into the night...SUCH fun to connect with these girls! we already have our next trip planned and i'm super stoked! next time we SO need to have kristen, colleen, vera and ana make it too!

this weekend papa alan is coming down for easter...which totally means joe and i get a DATE NIGHT!! i love date reconnecting with him...and just having US time! he has the night planned so i'm not real sure what we will be doing.

tonight is tutor night...which translates to a lot of RUSHING for me...i have to get supper, dishes, homework and the house cleaned up by 5:30 (i get home at 4)...but it's worth it for miss jadie...

i want to send a special THANK YOU shout out to all the lurkers that came out...i totally ♥ you all! keep coming around...i'm planning a special rak here soon at my little bloggie...

welp, out for now...i might post some layouts later