so i have a little bit to say...

why is it in the world we live in today that appearance is so important? such emphasis is put on "overweight" and "obese"...every corner you turn it's in your face...magazines, comercials and so forth. why is it that we play into the media hype of what is visually appealing? so much so that we will actually look down on someone because of their appearance without even getting to know who they are first.

when you look at us is fat the first thing you see? you dont see the amazing people we are
inside, the awesome mothers, friends, wives and daughters that we are. you never will take the time to know us because you dont want associated with a "fat person". instead you will sit by snickering, staring and passing judgement.

there is no "perfect weight". we are all SO caught up by how people look, if they look underweight or overweight we shun them to shame. we think that because someone is underweight they starve themselves and because someone is overweight they eat themselves to death, which isn't always true.

i will not appoligize for being the person i am. i am not sorry that i am missing out on relationships with people like you because of my size. in reality i probably wouldn't want to have a relationship with you anyways. and believe me, YOUR the one who is missing out. did your mothers ever teach you "if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all" or "words cut deeper than knives". your comments have done nothing but convince me more what a small-minded, self-centered person you are.

do you know what it's like to have to hold your daughter and console her while she crys because kids at school called her "fat", "hoggish" and "stupid"? to see every single day a little more of her self-esteem chipped away to nothing? to watch your husband, the love of your life, walk into a store and everyone snickering behind his back and pointing? to watch someone eye you from head to toe and then give you a look of disgust? until you know how it feels and you've walked a mile in my shoes...don't you dare pass judgement on me.

my friend bec, who i love to death, has a PERFECT post about this on her blog. check it out here... i couldn't say it any better than she already has.

i am not an ideal size as defined by the world but i am a beautiful woman. i am an amazing mother who would lay down my life for my kids. i am a devoted wife and have a love with my husband that can't be broken. i have friendships so sincere that i would go to the ends of the earth for them. and believe me, my self worth is NOT determined by your opinion of me.