who does HE think he is....

i have not climbed on my soapbox much recently but today i feel the need to...

until recently i had never heard of this man...fred phelps...and honestly i don't think i was missing much. i have not been so angered by something like this since this post i made nearly two years ago...

let me tell you a little about "pastor" phelps..and believe me i am using the word pastor VERY lightly...he has a church in kansas but his church is actually listed as a hate group. strange that someone who calls themselves a pastor can actually have their church listed as a hate group.

he is anti-gay, anti-semitic, anti-swedish, anti-irish and against flag idolatry. isn't that an awful lot of hate for a self-professed pastor whose main job "should" be to spread God's love? he has created many websites to spread his filth and stupidity such as godhatesireland.com and godhatesfags.com.

now i am not professing to know the Bible in it's entirety nor do i profess to be a perfect Christian...but i do not remember anywhere in the Bible where God told us "it's your job to judge others"...i am fairly sure i remember it going "judge NOT lest YE be judged". perhaps "pastor" phelps skipped that verse? no no no, i'm quite sure he DID read it and just twisted and turned it until it fit HIS life and HIS asinine views.

here is one part of his biography on wikipedia where i just say to myself WHAT?!?!?!?

Military funerals are pagan orgies of idolatrous blasphemy where they pray to
the dunghill gods of Sodom and play taps to a fallen fool, 'They shall not
lament for him, saying, Ah my brother! or, Ah sister! they shall not lament
him, saying, Ah lord! or, Ah his glory! He shall be buried with the
burial of an
ass, drawn and cast forth beyond the gates of Jerusalem.'" Jer.

i am so shocked by this blatent, senseless display of pure stupidity that i actually don't have words. and those of you that KNOW me know that doesn't happen often.

one thing that i did find laughable is that he was going to target the late Reverend Jerry Falwell's funeral. i grew up watching Jerry Fallwell and have since enjoyed watching his son. i see him as nothing but a pillar of what a TRUE Reverend should be. of course phelps would want to target him, he would not only see him as a threat but also not want Falwell or his family to expose him for the ignorant, un-Christ-like "pastor" that he is.

i personally find this man scary...and i find it frightening that people with this much hatred exist here in America...

i think phelps should re-evaluate himself, pass judgement on HIMSELF and perhaps examine whether or not he could possibly be the anti-Christ...because to me he sounds pretty darn close

out for now...stepping down off my box