anyone up for some card lovin???

i have to say i am just in LOVE with qkd stamps...seriously...i'm obsessed with them. so to be on their design team is quite an honor for me! the stamps i used on these cards will be released next month. one set is stitches and the other set is trees. are they just SO yummy?!?!

lately we have been watching a ton of movies...i totally ♥ netflix! right now the movie across the universe ::sigh:: might be my fav movie. soooooo artistic and just FULL of inspiration. as soon as it was over i ran to my scrap desk and started creating. and it isn't just full of eye candy is filled with awesome songs (all beatles songs) have to see it, for real! look at the awesome eye candy below from the movie~
and during this scene was my fav all time beatles song...strawberry the bright red strawberries contrasting against the white canvas...with the bright red juices running down...THIS makes me want to run home and break out the paint!!! seriously, i recommend this to all you artistic souls!!!!

my kids are sooooo excited...tonight is kayas birthday party at chuck e cheese. big running, screaming and sweating time will be had by all. and honestly, chuck e cheese has some kick ass pizza and breadsticks. nothing better than something to keep the kids entertained so moms and dads (i'm only concerned about moms here, right bec) can sit and talk and eat pizza.

out for now

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