so i've decided...

that i am going to *try* to blog every single day in april...i dont know how "exciting" it will be but...i will try

i rented the movie "fall from grace" this week, joe and i watched it monday evening. it is a documentary about fred phelps, the man i posted about a few weeks back. all i can say is WOW, he is more insane than i originally thought. if you get a chance to rent this movie DO IT! be prepared to be shocked and possibly angered by his message of pure filth. i know it is also on showtime, so check out that schedule too. if anything, this man and this family needs our prayers.

tonight is church so it's not "quite" as much of a rush night as the others during the week. the kids always have such FUN at "jesus" as they call it.

i had some crazy fun with my scrappies last night and got a few projects done. it's so hard for me when it's almost spring, all i want to do it be outside. but last night it was raining so i could stay inside and scrap and not feel guilty about it. here they are~
welp out for now...see ya tomorrow

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