well hello there...

i'm still here...just on a little vaca from the blogging world. i've been enjoying the awesome weather outside and just spending some good quality time with my fam. we've been cleaning up the outside, getting the 4-wheelers ready for summer and spending some time at camp. i just need to get started cleaning out the camper now so we can move it into camp.
saturday the kids went with the church for the entire day so joe and i had a major date day. we had SUCH fun, i just love reconnecting with him. he is such a total goof and keeps me laughing. i can't believe in two months we will be married for 12 years. gosh, and we've overcame SO MUCH! i just love him to pieces.
we haven't had some layout lovins around these parts for quite a while...i think we need some mid-week eye candy...
and an art journal entry...

oh oh oh guess what my babe bought me on date day? the soundtrack to across the universe!!!! oh.my.gosh...seriously love it. that is some serious make-me-want-to-scrap-my-ass-off music!

and you big brother watchers...what did ya think of adam winning? i completely LOVE adam, i think he is the cutest thing and has such a big heart. yes, i know he picked his nose quite often AND he dug his balls all the time...but i still love him. although i could have totally done without the comment he made at the beginning of the season, the one that got him fired from his job. but hey, we've all made unsensitive comments at one point or another in our lives.

and holy crap, i had NO CLUE that james was a gay porn star! i guess i missed all the internet gossip about that. wonder how shocked chelsea was to find that out? SHE sooooo rubbed me the wrong way. she certainly did show her age...very immature. was it just me or did this season seem to have a LOT of whining on it? i just read that the next season of bb will start july 13...so addicts like me dont have THAT long of a wait!

out for now sweets


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