art fest...

oh yes, today i went to an art festival...miss jade, my friend jen and i. honestly, i had built it up to be quite a bit more than it actually was. it had some food vendors, about 20 craft/art vendors and a band. i wanted soooooo much more....what i REALLY wanted was someone doing henna. i have SUCH a desire for henna! i also wanted like "shows"...people doing different styles of dance, different music everywhere...surrounding you, different styles of food...THAT is what i want when i go to an art festival. but none the less, it was a fun girls day out. we had lunch at applebees and did some shopping. miss jade LOVED girls day! thanks jen for the girls day out!

i have also taken on a new's all new to me and so far the venture has been a crazy fun one. i will keep it a secret until i finish it (hopefully tomorrow) and then i will post pics.

and tomorrow we will be finishing joeys science fair project. he did such a cool project...the corrosiveness of soda. by the way, pepsi was the worst. we did mt. dew, sierra mist, pepsi and water as our control. tomorrow we will take on the story board and finishing up the report. maybe i will post pics of that too.

out for now