happy birthday baby....

today is my sweet husbands birthday!!! he is turning 35 today...i am so very happy to have in our lives, we are blessed...so in honor of his birthday i am going to list 35 reasons i love him (in no particular order)....
1. your voice...and when you sing to me...the world seems to stop and only we are in it
2. harley shirts and work boots...enough said
3. your constant support of me
4. you always tell me i'm beautiful and sexy, no matter what i look like
5. watching you be a daddy, it melts my heart
6. how even though your blazing hot at night you still let me cuddle up to you
7. if i ever wonder what is going on in the news all i have to do is ask you...you always know!
8. you put the childrens wants and needs and my own before yours
9. your love of big trucks equals mine...love that!!!
10. those shoulders....
11. you have always supported my art and you know how much it means to me. you understand that it makes my soul happy.
12. sneaking around the corner and see you dancing with the kids...yeah, i saw it, many times
13. your love and passion for music of all types
14. how you were so nervous to ask me out the first night...you totally didn't see all that snow before you sat in it
15. your always willing to appoligize...even if i'm not as quick at it
16. you hissing at the woman in walmart...seriously...almost peed my pants
17. your silly songs you can make up on a moments notice
18. you are just as obsessive about big brother as i am...love that
19. your willingness to let a little girl do your hair and paint your nails...just to make her smile
20. how you always know just what to say to make me feel better...always
21. your complete devotion to your family
22. you totally kick my ass at geography...and i'm happy you do...while my "amy map" is great it wouldn't get us very far
23. after i had jade you said "thank you for giving me a perfect little girl"...and my heart melted
24. the ease at which you can make me (and others) laugh
25. how you have this big intimidating outside but soft and cuddlie inside
26. how i can ask you to go anywhere...and you will...on a complete whim
27. just wouldn't be right if i didn't mention your farts in here somewhere
28. how you get excited about the same simple pleasures i do
29. your awesome hugs right when i need them
30. "get it to go and it wont be cold", "my mom has never showed her teeth at cindy" and "legs...LEGS"
31. your love of animals
32. you let me take pics of you, even though you hate getting your picture taken
33. your willingness to send me on an "all girls weekend" just because you know how much i want to go
34. the nights you sat and held me as i cried during the search for my birthfather
35. because you are just you...the man i fell in love with 12 years ago...the father of my beautiful children...
forever and always babe...i love you!