tagged and holy CRAP

has it REALLY been a week since i blogged? oh my gosh, i'm slacking! hopefully i will get more of a chance to blog in the upcoming week.

So Ive been tagged...by stacey...i couldn't pass it up!

Here are the rules:
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1. oh 4 facts about me...that shouldn't be hard to come up with...
i hate wear shoes and socks...all summer long you will find me in my bare feet whenever i can...even right now i'm sitting at my desk at work with my shoes off...
2. i love love love scary movies but they scare the piss out of me...joe ALWAYS takes that opportunity to chase me around the house and make me scream (eye roll)...he thinks it's funny
3. my fingers are freakishly double jointed
4. when i was a teenager i use to layout with crisco slathered all over my skin...thought it might make me tan better...and if i remember right it did

now to tag four others...hmmm...

so what have i been up too...well last weekend was FILLED with 4-wheeler problems...we only had ours back for 4 days before the ball joint went in it...so saturday night right before we were getting ready to go on a big ride it went...then sunday morning joey was riding his and the back wheels locked up...what a pain in the ASS!!! ours is now fixed but joeys will be a little harder to fix...

and i took a TON of pics last weekend...i just felt the need to SHOOT...here are two of the ones i took...

there is also a cyber crop over at TALLY this weekend...ya'all need to check it out! crazy awesome challenges with super prizes...lots of games...lots of chats...GO CHECK IT OUT...i will be there tonight and sunday...

tomorrow my baby boy turns 11...this is totally sad to me BUT he is growing into such a fine, handsome boy...i am so proud of him...he truly is a sweetheart. we are taking him to a huge tractor show tomorrow here...looks like a good time...anytime there are tractors is a good time...and it has this HUGE flea market, i will have my eye open for little goodies that i can scrap with...

out for now ya'all


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