i am soooooooo super glad it's friday, you have no idea...seriously, some days, i can't stand my job. it's sad actually how much i look forward to the weekends and two days away from this place and these people...and in honor of these "fab" people i am posting the following two pics...

i am hoping to get some scrappy time in tonight...i have some fresh, new pics that are calling my name. and since it's rainy and yucky out, that should be no problem. loooooove late night scrappy time!

little mr. joeys field trip was a baseball game (the curve) you think he even knew the score..NOOOOOOOO...he walked around the entire time they were there basically...and what was he doing you ask...oh yes, scouting for girls! honestly, at 10...can't you just sit and watching the game? are girls REALLY that important at 10? geesh...

welp i should go for now...since i am at work and they do kinda pay me to do something

out for now