art happies...

i have been in a scrapping fury this week...lovin' up the artness...and making tons of cute projects! wanna see????

i actually made (and completed) a mini!!! normally, i start a mini and get A.D.D. half way through it and just never finish it. this one, i totally ::heart:: and love how it turned out! it is for the *kara jack* over at scrapjacked...
and this is a canvas i made inpired by **amelie**...the colors just make me so happy
lastly, this is joe's fathers day present from the kids and i...the quote on it says "you will always hold their hearts"...and they each put a handprint on it...i framed it and it's hanging in our computer room
dont forget to check out the challenges at gutter girlz and dreamgirls...they are awesome!!!!
out for now