i have a SASSY mouth...

or so i've been told my joe (and a guy at work, lol)...the problem is when people tell me i'm being SASSY or to knock off my SASSY mouth...it makes me laugh. just the word sassy makes me laugh and i have no idea why. so it totally doesn't work when they tell me that. i could be totally pissed off...and them yell back YOU HAVE SUCH A SASSY MOUTH...and i'm done, i'm laughing and the fight is over.

i would also like everyone to welcome to our household.......


ming ming came to live with us wednesday...at the request of miss jade. she has quite an exotic name to live up to. china love has been one of jades FAV names forever it seems like. thats what she use to name her baby dolls and what she use to tell me she was going to name her daughter. i LOVE IT...and it totally fits this little furry girl. she is just chalked full of love, kisses, snuggles and obviously we dont bathe up to her standards so she has been working hard to get us all clean (with a slight bite once in a while). pepper is still in awe...kinda scared of her and kinda pissed at me for bringing her home. turns out he doesn't really like to share his mama.

today is the LAST DAY of school...woot woot. my kids are crazy excited. they just had to go in for a few hours to get their report cards and then it's official...SUMMER VACA!!!!! i hope this summer is filled with tons of fun...lots of 4-wheeler riding, picnics, camping, fairs, car shows and just crazy fun.

tomorrow i'm going to a crop at my lss...so sad that it's closing. i had so many great times at that store...met some awesome kick-ass women...had some therapy sessions...came out of my shell...evolved as a scrapper...heard some gossip...talked some shit...saw the latest and greatest trends...and basically just scrapped my ass off there. that store was my haven before i found online stores. and i am seriously going to miss it...for real. i just love the girls there and can't imagine that we arn't still going to get together somehow.

out for now ya'all