cutler news...

i thought i would take some time here to update everyone on some news happening in the cutler household...nothing terribly exciting...but i know that my fam (hi aunt vi) reads this...and i'm sure they dont want to see scrappies every single day...

~i already mentioned joey getting braces...and dang, this boy is super excited about it! he has no clue how much pain will be involved with it.

~jade has decided to NOT do dance next year...and do cheerleading instead. which is fine with me, lol...cheerleading = 3 = 10 months...i'm glad she made the choice she did. that means next winter i actually dont have to run her anywhere! woo woo

~it's canning season again and the garden is getting full...i did zucchini relish on sunday. i got 21 pints and 3 1/2 pints. and holy shit, that was a WHOLE day FULL of canning. and it was hot too, wow. mom had 13 zucchini's for me to use up. so i made bread, zucchini crescent pie and zucchini rounds. and the vines are full again, yikes!

~i'm hoping to make it to a girls weekend in august at my friends angelas house. i really love our girls weekends...they are SO needed!

~we are still waiting on joe to be called back to work for this years winter maintenance season. i sure hope it comes soon and i'm sure he does too. say a prayer that he gets called this year and that it's soon.

~joey said to me the other night "you know what it's like when your excited for summer vacation but then as soon as it starts your excited to go back to school?", no joey, i was never excited for school, geesh. but, i am THANKFUL that i have a son who loves school.

out for now