normally i would totally NOT be excited about monday but tonight is the fair parade...and that rocks! as bec says, i'm such a parade whore...i love them...can't get enough of them! maybe it's the years i spent marching in proud i was to be on the rifle squad...and wear those knee-high white boots (with cleats)...LOVED it!!! so tonight we will be hanging out at the parade with bec and the kids, shell and jen keith.

last evening we went to the fair...holy shit did their prices go up!!! i dont know how anyone would afford to go more than once, geesh. the food prices are in-freakin-sane! here is an example~

* cheese steak - $7
* 1 slice pizza - $3
* hotdog - $2
* gyro - $9
* cotton candy - $5
* candy apple - $3.75

i told you...INSANE!!!!
i haven't had any time this weekend to scrap...which makes me sad. hopefully tomorrow night i can get some time for me to make some happy scrappies.
out for now