oh lovely weekend...

how is it that a 3 day weekend can FLY by but a 5 day work week seems to drag on? i just don't understand it at all. our weekend was AWESOME!!! friday i took off work (even though i said i wasn't going to) and went with joe and the kids to a local amusement park, for jades birthday. the kids had a BLAST and i got to just hang out with my love all day. saturday we had a wedding and reception to go to. we got home around 7 and got directly on the 4-wheelers and headed to camp. from camp we went on a "night ride", the kids have been bugging to go on one. and yesterday we hung around the house and then took the 4-wheelers on a long ride...ending at the dam inn. such a fun weekend!!!

so this week i am hoping to get some more scrappy projects done...i'm like dying to scrap but i had NO mojo this weekend. weird huh? and i even have a BRAND spakin' new box of hambly goodness waiting for me to play with. i'm hoping that some fresh pics will start my mojo back up.

here is a quick pic i took of my new do this weekend...

in other news our sweet little kitty ming ming china love (who jade has made a play house for and dresses up) is in fact a BOY kitty!!! jade was sad for a brief moment and then told me that she is just going to pretend that ming is a girl and still call it "she" and "her".

man, has my blog sucked lately or what? there is nothing exciting...nothing funny...nothing real woo woo...just BLAH! i am going to do whatever i can to change that.

oh and i will be blogging more often...aunt vi told me she checks my blog EVERY SINGLE DAY so i am going to try my darndest!

out for now