oh's friday...and i'm stoked! i can stay up late tonight and scrap as long as i want. my mama comes home from pittsburgh. plans for a fun filled weekend. what could be better?

tomorrow we are spending the entire day with bec, kaya and jake. we are taking the kids to breakfast with the wizard of oz. the girls should enjoy that. then we are off to an afternoon at the beach. then tomorrow night we are going to the curwensville days parade. should be tons of fun...
this blog has SUCKED at excitement lately huh? no new lo's to nothing. so today i am going to do my best to change that. shake it up a bit.

isn't this just a typical man?
and this just freakin kills SO reminds me of pepper...

we found out yesterday that joey needs braces. he gets them on september 4th and will have them on for two years. the only thing is excited about is he ALREADY told the orthodontist that he wants green and gold rubber bands for john deere colors. ahhhh my baby, a country boy at heart.

i'm going to try to take some pics this weekend and get them up on here. i haven't taken any of the kids for a while so i need to get that done.

out for now