as promised....

i scanned the paintings i did the other day...while sitting in the them!!!!
the tree painting was done first...i was just simply painting the tree directly in front of me...and not worrying about what it looked like or how it came out

the second one is different...i did whatever came to me...whatever i felt in my soul...the journaling says~
she knows where she needs to go
and how to get there
the journey has just begun

in other cutler news...

~joe's car (my old blazer) finally bit the dust...the motor went yesterday, it has anti-freeze in the oil (which is a BAD thing) now we are on the search for a new vehicle for him...probably a truck...i really don't like car shopping at all!

~football starts tomorrow night for joey and he is CRAZY excited!!! he has waited since last october for football to start again, he just loves it. tomorrow night is a short practice/mini camp...i believe the full camp is next week.

~also jade has cheer camp next week...tuesday, wednesday and thursday evening for 2 hours each night...SHE is excited too...i'm excited for them but not so much for all the running that is about to start.

~and my little mr joey now has his own cell phone...and he is loving it...i got a new phone and gave him my old one (which wasn't old really, only a few months old)...he has texted me about 15 times already this morning ha ha

well i am off to get some work done

out for now