change is happy...

so you might have noticed some big changes around here...i have wanted 3 columns forever and couldn't figure it out before. thankfully i found easy peasy instructions today. also, the orange background just makes me feel all reminds me of fall (my fav!)...and believe me, if i could hang up berry garland and light a pumpkin candle on this blog i SO would...hopefully everyone likes the changes :)

i canned more hot pepper dip last night...i just have peppers like you would never believe. it seems like they did the best out of everything in the garden. our tomato plants even look sickly this year. i sure hope i can get enough to do 2 - 3 goes of sauce.

i am so flipping excited that at 1:30 thursday afternoon i am out of this place until tuesday. i so need a vaca from work, it has been so stressful lately. then we are off to NY to see grandma lois and papa alan...lots of visiting will be done this weekend!

out for now