i'm so not....

happy new week my lovelies...hope it is treating you well.

how about some early week pretties to help us make it through our day...

this one is for a challenge at tally...and it almost kicked my ass i'll tell ya...monochromatic is soooooooo not my thing...even the word almost makes my brain totally shut down...leave it to HO to find my weakness lol

this layout was for the current challenge over at scrapjacked...what an awesome jack this week!!!!

this layout is for the current challenge at dreamgirls...it's a great one girls, go check it out!

and this one...this is a tribute to all the bullshit i've been putting up with at work this week. yep, i will be attending a disciplinary meeting here in about an hour. and ya know what, i'm not giving in or kissing anyones ass...period!

so that pretty much sums up my art for this week...i love using art for therapy, just freaking love it!

out for now


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