monday happies...

strange...i never thought i would put monday and happy in the same sentence...and it's not that i'm REALLY happy...i'm kinda trying to force the as not to be rotten mean by the time i get home tonight...

our weekend in review~

friday...i knew joe and the kids wouldn't be home until around 7 so i flew home from work, grabbed some mad scrap supplies and tons of paint, some canvases and brushes and went out to our camp...i took pepper with me, just because he misses me while i'm at work and i love my little fur baby...we sat up shop and i created art for hours...with no music, just the sounds of nature...a blue sky and trees for my backdrop...and i loved it!!! i did two paintings that i am just in love with (will take pics and upload them tonight)

saturday...this was cleaning day, UGH! we hung around the house and i did some crazy amounts of laundry...i cooked a pork roast i watched paula deen make (why does mine NEVER look like hers)...we then decided that maybe we would stay out at camp, joe in the camper and the kids and i (with pepper) in the tent...BUT the whole camp in general, after dark, makes jades belly not feel well...and saturday night it made her belly REALLY not feel went packed up and went home around 10:30...also on a side note, pepper is not real into sleeping in a tent...he kept trying to "dig a hole" in the tent to get out...might have added to jades belly REALLY not feeling well huh?

sunday...more hanging around the house and me trying to pretend i dont have pms, but i'm pretty sure i sucked at hiding the fact...i cooked chicken with stuffing and mashed potatoes, which was loved by all...we took the 4-wheelers out to camp and hung out for a bit...and then home for a fun filled hour of big brother...loved it

so that pretty much sums it wasn't a real eventful weekend but it was nice to just stay home and relax.

out for now