So right now I'm blogging from my blackberry - which is total sweetness! We are on the road on our way to NY. Everyone is comfy in their seats - one little is sleeping already...Josh Turner is crankin on the radio...I have a new cosmo to read through...a big ole pop beside me - perfect trip I would say except its raining like heck. Turns out I'm not real excited about being surrounded by big 18 wheelers on the interstate especially in pouring down rain! So if anyone reads this today.- please pray for us a safe trip

Go check out technicolor postcards - she has bios up for all the leading ladies and links to their blogs...also a little info about the upcoming kit debut! I'm so excited to be one of the leading ladies - still can't believe it

School started this week and so far both kids are enjoying it. They both seem to like their new teachers - they both have teachers who are brand new at the school this year. Let's all just cross our fingers and pray for an easy year for miss jade

Joey went to the orthodontist yesterday for what I thought was just a pre-braces appointment of talking and ended up with spacers between all his molars. His mouth hurt really bad last night and still hurts today. So far he hasn't been able to eat anything. Poor thing - I don't think he realizes how much braces hurt

Well in the time I typed this both littles fell asleep so I'm off to visit with my sweets

Out for now